Friday, May 27, 2011

Shell and the ANC

From this video it is CLEAR that Shell and the ANC has come a long way together.

Since the government is mainly ANC members, and since the government is going to make the call on this issue, we must be sure that the decision will be made on a 100% FACTUAL basis, and not on a LOYALTY basis.

Exactly what is the relationship between Shell and the ANC??????


  1. So Shell and the government are lovers and helping each other.
    The Government is bigger than shell and must not give away the Karoo and condoning the RAPE of the Karoo as a thanks for some help and education.
    C'mon, the Karoo, the country is not yours to give away, you are caretakers for the next generations.
    Shell are RAPING South Africa and many other countries mineral wealth with NO regard for people, for water, for the countryside and the government must not allow shell ti do this.

  2. totally agreed,
    we need to give nature the right to live and the people a right to a voice.

  3. If democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what's for dinner, then i say we give the lamb a gun...

  4. So it is time for the ANC to pay the piper?