Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lewis Pugh - The Day we Stood Up to Shell to Save the Karoo by Green Renaissance


  1. We can do this! Our future is up to us. We will win against Shell and we will save the Karoo. Fossil fuels are not the answer! We demand green, clean, renewable energy NOW!

  2. Please , please we must win this one!!! One of the biggest mistakes these industrial giants are making is thinking that only the rural folk and farmers love the blessed Karoo! Well , I am an English-speaking city boy from Durbs and my entire family love this piece of heaven...we try and go there every year. I think the save the Karoo action group needs to include us all in their strategy.....would it not help to boycott the products they produce.....oil ; petrol ; chemicals? How about an international court to intervene? A day of prayer for sanity to prevail? Anything , but we must win! I have read the debates and these boys like to crush standing up to them we are in fact showing them our South African character. not one step back....Dave Bradshaw.